Have you met Darlene Basch?

Darlene Basch DB-3When I was working on a “Holocaust Memorial Pin” — at least fifteen years ago — everyone told me, “Have you met Darlene Basch?”

It became such a litany that finally, at a panel at Temple Emanuel, I walked into the room for a lecture — and there, sitting up in front, was … Darlene Basch.  A therapist by background, she was working with the SHOAH Foundation, teaching the interviewers how to ask questions of Holocaust survivors.

I introduced myself to her afterwards, and we became good friends.  Now we celebrate birthdays and holidays together, and I’ve gotten close to Darlene’s Mom, Vivian, as well.   I had packages for them — and they for me — and it was’t until the last day of Hanukkah that we spontaneously got together.  We each had time in the morning… we figured it out the night before (at one in the morning, online!) — and it all worked out perfectly.

Darlene is quicker at writing “Thank You” notes than anyone I know.  So when I got home tonight after a few days up in Palo Alto and San Francisco, it was no surprise that her letter was already here.

I also liked her card: “OY TO THE WORLD”.

I’m grateful for the holidays, but I’m also grateful they’re almost done.


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