A 6-year old donates half his lemonade profits to the ACLU.

Today on FACEBOOK I saw my long-time friend Gary Gray’s story — of how his almost-year-old son JOSH decided to have a Lemonade Stand today… and chose to give half of his profits to the ACLU.  I was so moved I immediately promised to send $20.  — and then called Gary to tell him.  Gary said his son’s stand had cars lining up to buy a cup — and donate half to a good cause.  Only one woman questioned it, he reported.  Vin was impressed by the act of philanthropy — and social activism.  He pledged to match my gift… and I put a check in the mail tonight.  I’d wanted to donate to the ACLU anyway, and this took it to a whole other level.  I’m inspired by Josh, who already cares.Josh Gray & ACLU 16299175_10154977673623792_6421220226919065695_n

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