Anime and “What’s good about getting old?”

AnimeIt was a strange day.  As we were driving along Olympic, on the way to Staples Office Supply, we noticed hundreds of

young people wearing wigs & costumes, some in full face paint, lined up outside the L.A. Convention Center.

“Wonder what this is?” we mused, thinking it wasn’t ComiCon, but not putting our finger on it.

Later, buzzing past the same location, people in pink wigs and black & white skirts streamed past us again.

“Look at those food trucks!” Lesley pointed out — an entire field full of them… mobbed with more colorful partiers.

We decided we too were hungry — and since we were both free for the evening, had an impromptu dinner.

Miso cod at a crowded Japanese restaurant — full of high-spirited folks who’d just enjoyed the convention downtown — sat in and around us.

Finally I could stand the suspense no longer.  A huge fuzzy yellow animal perched on the seat near me.

“What kind of convention was it?” I asked the two girls who seemed to belong to it.

“Anime!” they whooped.

Suddenly it all made sense.

“After 4 it’s free,” they explained.  So that’s why there were two waves of folks waiting to get in — paid or cruisers.

We had a pleasant dinner … and then Lesley surprised me by saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and hosting my meal.

Even though there’s no outgoing mail today I wrote the letter right away, while the feelings are fresh.

I didn’t mention the anime, but I don’t think either of us will soon forget that scene.

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