TY-DBparty3Marguerite of Chefs a La Carte is unflappable, which is what you want in a chef.  No matter how many people I add to the list, it’s ‘no problem’.  No matter how many times I change the menu, it’s ‘no problem’.

No matter, no matter, no matter, it’s all ‘ no problem’.

It’s good to feel like I’m ‘no problem’.  Even when I know I am.

After parties Marguerite caters, I always write a note with the tip.

It gives me a chance to properly admire those people who’ve worked so hard — and in the busy clean-up aftermath of a party, it’s not the time to go into detail with a team that just wants to clean up and get out of there.

I write a note with the tip, and Marguerite and her other staff members always tell me it’s what they look forward to at the end of the night.

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