“Ant-Man” and a UC Santa Cruz alum.

I’m not an action movie fan, usually.  I liked Robert Downey, Jr. in “IRON MAN” but that was as far as my fascination went… until I heard that Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas were cast in “ANT–MAN” by Marvel Studios. “ANT-MAN” delivered, and the audience loved it.  Because AXEL ALONSO is a graduate of UC…

Marcia Hafif at Laguna Art Museum.

Malcolm Warner is an elegant Brit who came to Laguna Beach, CA to run their art museum … and is finding his way into the hearts of the locals. This exhibit, featuring MARCIA HAFIF, an 86-year-old local painter, is sure to win him even more points. http://www.pressreader.com/usa/los-angeles-times/20150719/282802125029539/TextView Please Share

Bentevi swimsuit models.

I had a vision for my birthday party.  Atop a roof above Wilshire Boulevard — aptly named “The Hotel Wilshire” — I wanted to make use of the swimming pool by bringing in bikini-clad models to stroll around as we ate & drank. My friend Michele Bentevi is a Brazilian swimsuit designer.  She and I…


I love my chiropractor.  He’s a sports medicine doctor, really, more than a typical ‘pop the bones and make you crack’ guy.  Craig Liebenson is highly known in his field, and people flock from all over the world to find him.  His customer service is as top-notch as his diagnoses.  I referred my daughter there…

The girl with a two-colored name.

After six days of ministering to my father — there were a few bright spots, including Amber Green.  She was a beautiful blonde in her late 20’s or early 30’s, whose bright smile beamed into the room before she entered.  My father noticed her immediately… and she continued to shine, helping me figure things out…

Congrats to a long-time friend.

http://www.lighthearted.com/our-shows/ Andrew Paskoff and I worked together years ago, at MPH Entertainment. I hired him to be our Production Manager, and he worked tirelessly on multiple documentaries we shot domestically and then internationally.  It was intense work and he never flinched. I’ve followed his career throughout the years, and recommended him whenever it might help….

A Door Attendant from Rhode Island.

“Did someone here go to RISD?” Nicholas, the door attendant at The Ritz-Carlton in Rancho Mirage asked. For a second I wondered why he asked. Then I saw the black & white logo tote bag I’d brought, hanging in the back of Vin’s car. “My daughter did,” I volunteered.  “And I’m a Trustee.” He nodded….