Craving connection. Seduction by letter. Write to reach my heart.

The end of the year means schmaltz.  Everyone’s rummaging through their mental closets, trying to come up with their prettiest inventory.

Look at the posts.

“Top 10 things to be grateful for.”

“Top 20 TED speeches”  (that’s actually interesting).

“Top fitness goals for the new year.”

I propose something easier.   Work on a way to really SEE the other person.

Let them know you want to be close.

Take a few minutes to jot a note about a person you’re thinking of — then send it by e-mail if you wish, text, Tweet, voice or snail.

It’s effective.  Trust me.

When I write you a note, find you a clipping, reach out —  you know I am thinking of you.

I see you.

Trying to connect.

I appreciate you.

I want to touch your heart.

I hope my letter shows you my love.  I want it to be a happy missive that reminds you that you are loveable.  I aim for it to hover on your desk, in your mind, in your files — like Marilyn Monroe’s Chanel No. 5.

I want you to fall in love.  I want to seduce you.

You are lonely for the appreciation you got as a child.

Or didn’t get.

You don’t even know how much you crave it until someone shows you again that you are love-able.


Send me a letter.  A few sentences by text will do.

Let me know you care.

I promise to write you back.

Who knows?  We may even fall in love.imgres images-1 images

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