Director from another time.

TY-Henry Weissimgres imagesimgres12439001_10153417833927507_7602929651891028129_nIt was a long time ago that I graduated from UCLA and got my first job as a Production Assistant in the Newsroom.  I worked in Research at the Assignment Desk, then moved up to work in the office of the Assistant News Director — largely because I typed, I suspect.


Many of my long-time friends came from that era.  Vin, whom I married.  Donna.  Jeff.  It was a highly educated, super-smart, witty group of people … and now I realized, as I sat with about 77 of them yesterday at a reunion for newspeople  in town … that we were all under pressure to make a good show, tell the news the best way we could, and hit our daily deadlines.  We were like the E.R. of a hospital.  And once the story was told, it was onto the next.  Until we woke up and started again.  You don’t forget those friendships forged under fire.  I wrote Henry Weiss a note tonight, thanking him many years later for being so kind to me when I was newly graduated and didn’t know my way.

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