Dusting powder and a surprise get-together.

Popper...You know that feeling of trying & trying to get something on the calendar and it never quite works out?

And sometimes it all magically falls into place?

Darlene and her mother Vivian and I wanted to see each other to exchange Hanukkah gifts.

It was almost over when I sent Darlene an e-mail — at midnight.

“When can I drop off your gifts?” I asked.

She’s as much of a late-night person as I am, so within minutes she responded.

By 10:30AM the next morning, I was at Vivian’s apartment — and we were celebrating Hanukkah

with tea and cookies, after breakfast but before lunch.  I brought a few ‘poppers’ and Vivian immediately

put on the paper cut-out crown, which looked regal with her dressing gown.  She was our Hanukkah Queen.

We all felt joyous — it didn’t matter that we were out of span, we were happy to be partying together.

TY-Vivian2Santa Maria Novella dusting powder.

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