Flowers as ‘regrets’.

Sone people have exceptionally good manners.

Our neighbor Renee wasn’t able to come to our party.  Bob, her husband, represented them well, and we were happy to have him as the family representative.  We sent him home with a Hanukkah “popper” (those party favors that have a paper hat & little toy inside) and a bar of Peppermint Bark that Vin had chosen from Williams-Sonoma because he reasoned ‘everyone loves Peppermint’.

Renee expressed her gratitude — and regrets she couldn’t attend — by sending this beautiful arrangement the next day.

I made a mental note — “When one cannot attend, flowers are ALWAYS welcome the day after.”  

Her gracious act takes ‘thank you’ to an ever higher level.

Flowers from ReneeTY-Schnells

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