Hemingway’s Corona … (hint: not a beer) … picture taken in Cuba.

Hemingway's Corona...in Cuba.Ernest Hemingway wrote in Cuba … I think it was a prize-winning novel… but I’ll have to do my research

now that my friend CHUCK LARSEN brought me back a picture he took of Hemingway’s Corona.

I was speechless when Chuck presented me this photo the other evening.

I recognize how immensely thoughtful he is to (a) have taken it when no photos were probably allowed;  (b) brought it back to Los Angeles; and (c) reprinted it and brought it carefully preserved in a thick white envelope same size as the photo.

I vow to read more about Hemingway’s turbulent life, thanks to Chuck… seeing where his fingers must have touched the keys — is very poignant…and also inspiring.

Ernest & Mary Hemingway in Cuba...
2014_04_17_00_41_56 ErnestHemingway

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