I hope I’m not turning into one of those crazy ladies who hides things in her shoes.

I went to pick up my sunglasses the other day from Iavor at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook in Westwood.

I’ve known Iavor Tsalov about a year now.  After years at another optical store, when the corporation moved our favorite optician (Damien) to Glendale, I found a place that was closer (recommended by my opthalmologist Dr. Elise Brisco).

Iavor has been terrific.  He picks frames.  Advises on my ever-changing prescriptions.  Now we’re turning back time and stripping the prescription out of old glasses I own.  He was the one who told me it would be covered if I had the change done within 6 months of purchase.  He’s straightforward and now I know, honest.

I was waiting for pick up when Iavor pulled out my chartreuse cloth case and smiled.  “Look what we found in here,” he said, slowly reaching deep into the toe.  “Good thing I’m honest.  Do you recognize these?”

Three $20 bills, from where I’d stuffed them for safekeeping.

“I must like hiding money,” I said, showing him $60 stuffed into my I-phone carrier.   I took the money back, deciding it might not be ethical to tip him right then & there.

He would probably wave it away, saying, “It’s all part of the job.”

I’m still tinkering with the idea of writing a “Thank You” — with  a $20. bill  inside the card.  It’s much harder to turn down a surprise in the mail.  And it would make me feel like I rewarded him for his honesty, something we all hope for in a Customer Service person — and when it happens,  something we appreciate. 


Found money.

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