Illustrations worthy of a letter.

Brian at work? images-1 images-2 images-3 images-4 images-5 images-11 images-10 images-9 images-8 images-7 images-6 images-13I’m not a real stalker.  When I admire an artist’s work, though, sometimes I have to say something.  I’ve been seeing these captivating illustrations in the NEW YORK TIMES on Sunday for several years now.  Today there was such a good one that I decided, “I have to find him.”

He didn’t go to Rhode Island School of Design, as far as I can tell, because there’s not a Wikipedia site for him.  I went to his website and found his address, so I hope that’s still correct… I don’t have any expectation of a response.  I just wanted to tell him his work is

cool and captivating and he’s able to tell a story of human isolation and our need for connection in a way that a long article sometimes can’t come close to capturing the same way.

And that’s worth my sending him a “Thank You”.

*(All illustrations are from Brian Rea’s website).

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