Inner Gardens, dead trees and a dark house.

Inner Gardens dead tree

Maybe it’s because I work out of the house — and so am a bit of a confined prisoner — or maybe because I hate dead plants — I got back from being on the road and noticed this half-gone ficus in the dining room … and decided enough was enough.

I called Inner Gardens, who does our house plants.  They referred me to the President and within a half-day of my call, Stephen Block came over to see what was wrong.

I appreciated his quick attention to my plight, and since we’ve been long-time customers — and I’d never complained before — we got along swimmingly.  I told him about my ‘thank you’ notes — and how I’m about to start working on a book — and promised I’d write him one as soon as he left.

I kept my promise.  Now I hope he’ll keep his — and find me something that will live in the dark.

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