The Ivy.


The Ivy.Ty-Les 2014_07_10_12_50_11

We went to dinner at The Ivy last night after my friend Linda’s book signing.

Her brother Les — always a most gracious host — had the idea, and who was I to refuse?

He is a brilliant collector of photographs — and has a collection that’s been shown internationally in various museums.

At the bookstore, I asked Les to show me some of his favorite photographers.

I got an education right then & there as to what drives him to choose a piece.

What he looks for.

And most importantly, what he likes.

It was like having the best curator EVER walk me through a museum.

For that — and for dinner — I jotted a note & mailed it to his New York pied-a-terre so it’s there

when he gets back to the East Coast.

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