Kim Vo, Celebrity Colorist.

Kim Vo, "Blonder".Hairdressers can make or break someone.  In the case of Kim Vo, who is the Ambassador to Schwarzkopf hair products — and “Blonder to the Stars” — he’s not only the confidante of celebrities (like Brittany Spears) — he’s also kind to nervous young non-celebs.

My niece Kuu (age 20) wanted to get her first-ever hair color when she came to Los Angeles this Thanksgiving.  I was concerned because she’s got a magnificent waist-length mane of jet-black hair — and I didn’t want anything bad to happen.  I went with her to the Montage, still not fully signed off on the concept.

When Kim appeared through the drapes, I knew immediately he would not push her too far.  We were the first ones in the salon that Friday after Turkey Day.  Kim listened carefully, re-framed what Kuu thought she wanted, and made sure they came to consensus before he began.  That night Kuu teetered out in a six-inch platforms wearing a red-hot dress with cut-outs on the sides — looking “red carpet ready”.  I got inspired.   I had her be my greeter at the front door– and folks who hadn’t seen her since she was a teen were blown away.

For Kim’s thoughtfulness — and his creative talent — I thank him.  And so, I’m sure, does Kuu.

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