TY-Worcester, SAG-AFTRA search

There she was, a hot cup of soup in her hands, at 6 o’clock at night.  She was getting ready to work a few quiet hours, I could tell, and the building was shut down for the day.  Until I came along.  Box of “thank you” cards in hand, typewriter purse on my arm, I was looking for the conference room — and way out of range.

She kindly let me into the inner sanctum.  Put down her soup and dinner, and said, “Let me take you down there, I don’t want you to get lost.”

Thanks to Arline, I had plenty of time before my lecture.  And I promised her a ‘thank you’ note — which I’m following up on, with a copy to the head of SAG-AFTRA in the hope it will go into her personnel file under “Helpful”.

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