My Mailman writes a “Thank You’.


imagesimgresTY-MailmanBeverly Hillbillies.Remember that silly show, “The Beverly Hillbillies”?

Didn’t the Clampett clan come to Beverly Hills after they’d hit oil?

There IS oil underground in BH, that part of the show was true.

Each year I’m entitled to a tiny check for “oil rights” — usually around $30.

It required my searhing them out, sending complicated paperwork, and when I was approved, I began

to receive a yearly stipend.

For that, I must sign more paperwork…then wait to get the check.

My mailman kindly picked up the check for me and trusted me to fill out the pink slip and leave it for

hin in the mailbox.

I wrote him a ‘Thank you” for his extra effort, and he wrote me back with bold red pen.

(I have to admit, it was kind of a thrill to get a “TY” from my postman — he’s usually the one who

picks up & distributes my OUTGOING thank you’s!)


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