National Design Awards.

RISD Board at Cooper Hewitt Design Awards Provost Pradeep Sharma; Chairman of the Board Michael Spalter;  Me;  RISD Museum Director John W. Smith; President Rosanne Somerson; Trustee Amita Chatterjee; Trustee Jon Kamen;  Trustee Nicole Miller; Trustee Bob Glass; Trustee Susan Dryfoos.TY-Cooper Hewitt TY-BaumannI flew to New York for the Cooper Hewitt’s own version of the Academy Awards — National Design Awards.  I came home and there was a gift waiting from the Museum Director, Caroline Baumann.  A Cooper Hewitt canvas bag and a black & white tray.  Director Baumann is someone who really ‘gets’ the importance of thanking her donors.  I thanked her for thanking me.

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