Non-rotten tomatoes.

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A group of women who all worked at KNXT (the CBS affiliate here in Los Angeles) have been getting together for years.  I just joined the group recently and have experienced a joy at seeing strong, experienced women who lived to tell the tale of breaking down sexist barriers in the Newsroom back in the 1970’s.  Today I had to rush out of there to get to LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) for the “Rain Room” experience.  I left behind a container of baby tomatoes, which I need back as it’s part of a set.  I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope to our hostess, Nan Tepper in one envelope — and a ‘Thank You” while it was fresh in my mind.

Jamie showed up at the Museum in a wonderful pink & orange coat, which blended in perfectly with a painting on display.  I had her jump in front of it.  We all loved “RAIN ROOM” and I heartily recommend it.
Non-rotten tomatoes.TY-Nan TepperIMG_3907

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