Oscar winner.

I put together an Itinerary for the upcoming weekend in Palm Springs… where we gather at my cousin Marla & Peter’s

house for Passover.  My father comes down from Berkeley, and I always put  together an Itinerary for all of us so we

can track all the flights and hotel information.

This is the note I got from him last night — after he’d received Version 02 (all 5 pages of it, complete with photos &

contact numbers.)

It was so nice I had to share it.  I like making my Daddy happy!

***Palm Springs

Hi, darling,

If we had Oscars for Itineraries, you assuredly would get them for

Completeness, Art Direction, Photograpphy and all the other components<  They are really pieces of art,  Superb !. I’m proud of you

and love you, d

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