Outreach to a friend in the hospital.

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I finally went to work out on Friday morning… not with my regular teacher, but with Holly… who caught me up on a lot of sad news that had happened while I was away.

Evidently Courtney, who’s a teacher at the Pilates studio, got very ill.

I hastened to write her a note and hope it finds its way to her in the hospital.

(I never trust those mailrooms, but I didn’t have the actual Suite number.)

If it gets through to her — and she’s there very long — I’ll send a proper card.  This was

just my way to establish immediate contact & let her know I’m thinking of her.

If I was in the hospital, I hope someone would take the time to write ME a letter.

(When my grandfather was sick, he kept all my notes on his putty-colored bedside table.

It made me feel like I was helping, even though I knew he couldn’t write back…

they stayed at his side, and somehow, I was at his side that way too.  As it turns

out, I wrote him the last letter he ever got — which was appropriate, since

Granddaddy Al and I had corresponded weekly my entire life…and he was

the one who first instilled in me the love of letter-writing.)

I always say:  When someone’s sick, a letter can go a long way.

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