Cross-country applause.

As a member of the Rhode Island School of Design, I get invited to many events in Providence. When I can’t attend — because I live so far away — I write a note to let the honoree know I’m sorry I’m not there to applaud. It’s not as nice as if I were there in…

Thirteen years….

Melissa ran the front desk at my husband’s office and every time she answered the phone, always sounded happy. That deserved a moment of recognition… or should I say, a “call-out?  (Maybe not). Please Share

Do you know Darlene?

When I was on my search to understand my roots as a child of a Holocaust survivor, everyone asked, “Do you know Darlene?” When we finally met, we became instant friends and now she’s like my sister.  I try to capture how important she is to me whenever I have the chance. Please Share

College rah-rah.

My niece is in her first year at University of Oregon.  Sadly, my sister Kitty passed away when Kuu was 10.  I try to stay in touch with Kuu and give her the kind of ”rah rah’ advice her Mom might have if she was alive. Please Share

High school reunion.

Have you ever organized anything?  If you have, you know how much work is involved. I let the Cranston East High School couple who roped in their 800+ person class know what a spectacular job they did. Please Share

What the doctor ordered…

I brought my brother down to visit a psychiatrist here who deals with ADHD. After his appointment, I followed up.  He ended up solving the problem without meds, but it was good to get her thoughts on the matter. Please Share

1-800-Cookie delivery.

Who knew ordering cookies long distance would be so confusing? When the 1-800-number didn’t work sufficiently, I got a hold of the Manager.  He made sure the chocolate chip cookies got delivered to the President of the school, and I thanked him. Please Share

Featured player.

I was excited when Bruce made it into the Los Angeles Times.  I could run my own clipping service, so I sent it to him.  Everyone likes to see their name in lights … especially if it’s for good things!  At the very least, he can send it to his mother. Please Share