Ted’s typed response…

Ted was so moved by my note, he rescued his dusty typewriter from the closet, hand-inked the ribbon and found a stamp.  We’re going to visit my office machine store together when he can find a moment between gigs.  (He told me a tragic story about how he was at AB C Studios one afternoon…


Ted is an “A-plus” Hollywood DP/cameraman.  His meticulous eye and strong judgement imbue any show with a higher excellence.  I wrote  him after I witnessed on location how much my husband relies on him. Please Share

A letter begets a letter…

I write my notes with no expectation of response. Sometimes people are moved to write back, and in those instances, I’m always thrilled my letter touched their heart. A cameraman, Danny, whom I wrote after seeing him in action, appreciated my outreach. Please Share

Bucking up.

Part of being a friend is reminding them you still love them when they’re going through difficult times. A “Thank you for being you” is a reminder that no matter where I am, I’m still in your corner. And isn’t that what friends are for? Please Share

The Ringmaster.

Robert and I worked together on a kids’ game show before my daughter was born. He glides through a set with the greatest of ease, and always has. Getting all the parts of a TV production together is no easy task.  I  appreciate his prowess. Please Share

Seeing behind-the-scenes…

Although TV crew folks, like cameramen and stage managers, often don’t get their proper due — as a former producer, I notice it when someone goes the extra mile. Please Share

Flapjacks and fashion…

My friend Vivian, age 85, loves fabric and needlework.  She might have been a designer if the Holocaust hadn’t stopped her.  After pancakes, we search for a zipper for a top of mine that needs restoration. Please Share

Typewriters are sexy.

I have the sexiest typewriter repairman in Los Angeles.  He’s in a documentary now about their history, and whenever I go to his shop, I  “kick tires” with him for hours. Please Share

Doctor Zen

After a deviated septum surgery, I did more damage to myself with a jetstream of boiling soup.   I wrote my doctor after he patched me up, because no matter how stupid I am, he never judges. Please Share

The sonic boom…

Michael’s an energetic video effects editor who works with my husband.  After a long night in the edit bay, he confided  he can’t wake up in the morning. He puts in major hours, and I got inspired on how to thank him:  with an alarm clock that wakes the dead. Please Share