Passport cameraman/typewriter fan.

IMG_1315I dropped in to an unknown passport photographer yesterday.  My hair wasn’t perfect, it was a hot day, and I didn’t do any prep — but Vin said we needed to get new photos for some travel paperwork and I needed to do it pronto.

The YELP reviews for Benny’s shop seemed fine, and he was on my way home.

The place was small & clean, and I appreciated the gleaming hardwood floors for their tidiness.  I could tell Benny took good care of things — from the vintage cameras on the wall to his neat placards.

As I  stashed my purse on a chair (the one with the typewriter design), I noticed he had two vintage typewriters in his front window.  I immediately relaxed, and we talked about how he used to have four until his son, age 16, took one home to write some love letters on … and he sold the other one to a man who lives in the neighborhood and whose wife is a TV reporter, and who wants to write a chapter of his book entirely on the typewriter.

I was so charmed by our interaction & shared appreciation of typewriters that I didn’t mind waiting for him to crop the three small pictures.

A few Persian ladies came in and as they started to chat, I took my exit, tiny pictures firmly in hand.and when I got home, I cranked out a ‘thank you’ note to him on the spot.


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