Perfect form…

StampsGloria Z. began as my daughter’s nanny, 17 years ago.  Then Jamie went off to college, but Gloria stayed.  She’s a “Girl Friday”, if they say that anymore. (I think it’s politically incorrect, and factually wrong, since she doesn’t work Fridays).  If we were in production, she’d be my Production Manager.  Whatever her title, Gloria helps me run errands and manage the house.  She stands in line at the U.S. Post Office to mail packages and buy stamps — although I’m happy to do it too, but she’s better than I am at finding newly-issued  flower stamps like the ones she got today.  She delivers magazines to my friend Gloria G., picks up medications, and cooks everything from Taco Soup to Mixed Vegetables With Wild Rice.  (That’s what I ate right before I wrote this. if you’re curious.)   Although English is not her native language, Gloria’s become a very good writer — as is her daughter Maria.  Jamie got a wallet as a birthday gift for Gloria.  I wrapped it in purple paper and left it for her today.  When I went into the kitchen after she’d left, I found this sweet note.  

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