Sending the “back” back.

homeIn life, there are big problems and there are little ones.

Sometimes it’s the little ones that aggravate me the most.

The errand I end up doing not once, but twice or more.

The things that become a rapid pain-in-the ass that were meant to be pretty and easy.

I got a pair of earrings from the gym.  A display from across the street, a store at the Mall.  Hand-crafted jewelry from Spain.


I loved a pair of earrings that looked like a needle on one ear and a button on the other.

Until I put them on at home, and the backing was too loose.

I returned it once.

Got it home.  You can guess.

Forgot to pull it out of my drawer for when I was there Saturday with Gloria Gordon.

The salesperson/manager believed my story, though, and fished out another backing.

“I’ll mail the bad one back to you,” I promised.  “I like mailing things.”

He looked surprised but gave me a card in the silver envelope.

Tonight, as I promised, I’m shipping the back back.


TYUnode50 TY-Unode50

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