A Silver Cloud with a silver lining.

I worked with Sherry Stern about twenty years ago, and we’d lost touch until she found us at a car museum event down in Orange County.

“I’ve inherited my late brother’s Silver Cloud Rolls Royce!” she shared.  She’s been lovingly restoring it, but it’s a huge project — literally.

Because it’s a mere 19 feet long — it’s expensive to fix … and not easy to find a home for it.  The one place she keeps it was going to be closed

when she needed it for a Concours.

Sherry called. Could we help?  She was having a hard time finding a safe spot for her ‘baby’ for a few nights.

I’ve seen the hassle vintage car owners have trying to keep their cars untouched.  She came over and we measured various spots

and figured out a place she could keep it over a long weekend.

As way of thanks, Sherry sent an “IOU” for help on one of my events — and a wonderful card.

Sherry's Cloud.2014_04_04_21_45_32

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