Stress balls.

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I have laryngitis – again.  This happened a few summers ago, and it starts as a head cold and then morphs into no voice.

I was getting worse instead of better, so this morning I called my doctor for an emergency appointment.

He gave me an end-of-the-day slot, which I gratefully accepted.

We always joke that I persuaded him to use a stress ball when he gives his patients shots.

The one he had — a gift from me — was wearing thin, and I convinced him to dump it.

Tonight I went online to get him some more.  Unfortunately, the Sports Chalet store where I usually

get them (in the tennis section, used for arm/hand/wrist strength) has closed.

I couldn’t find exactly the same Isoflex, but got something that’s close enough… and sent him this note

to alert him when they come in the mail, to know they’re a grateful ‘thank you’ from me.Stress ballsStress ball.Stress ball.

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