Sympathy from the President.

Not everyone can deal with death or dying.  When my sister Kitty was terminally ill, many of her friends avoided the hospital — they said, “We don’t do hospitals”.  A lot of people feel that way about funerals — me included.  The day we buried Vin’s mother Jean, I was surprised and heartened to see a familiar face appear out of the mist — RISD President Rosanne Somerson.  She not only came to the memorial but she sent Vin a lovely letter afterwards, and a few days ago we got a package designed to ‘warm our hearts’ on these days of grief.  I thought that was a beautiful gesture, and I’ll remember her for doing it — every time we sip some Forte tea from a lavendar mug.IMG_1604IMG_1605TY-President Somerson-condolences

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