“Thanks” from the jet-blue sky.



At Portofino Sun Center today getting ready for a trip to Hawaii (!) — I chatted amiably with my new aesthetician, Ali Pinkering.

She’s good friends with a flight attendant for Jet Blue, who (like me) is down with the flu.

Ali and I talked about how her friend underwent months of training, but was still surprised at how abusive passengers can be —

how they don’t appreciate a flight attendant is there to save your life.

“The nicest thing happened, though,” Ali ventured.  “My friend’s cousin took a flight recently, and afterwards, texted my friend

to say “Thank You for what you do.”

The cousin never really appreciated what a tough job it is … until her family member joined the ranks.

“That text made a huge difference,” Ali said.  “Now when my friend has a rough day, she thinks of that.”

I told Ali about my blog and how I firmly believe a well-placed ‘thank you’ makes an impact.


Share your appreciation.  By text or letter — it  does make a difference.


Ask Ali’s friend.  And next time, while you’re at it, smile at your stewardess too.



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