Thanks for the thanks … & so on & so on…

I asked Bob S. for a CD of Gull Wing pictures from the car convention we ran in October.  I want to include them in my resume, just to spice it up.

Bob very kindly burned me three CD’s of car shots, including many I hadn’t seen before when we were too busy organizing the 5-day event.

The package came chewed up from the Post Office, but the CD’s were intact.  I wrote Bob to let him know I appreciated his time & effort

in burning them for me.  Often I’ll get an e-mail or a note back in response to MY ‘thank you’.   It could be an endless loop if we kept it going…

I always wonder how many times I could toss the football back & forth and still have someone write back.

Want to see the New York Times article?  Palm Springs convention — Gull Wings & Roadsters – 2012


Bob’s e-mail:

It is very special to receive a hand typed note from anyone and to get 

one from you is very special.   

See you in New Orleans?




Robert G. S—-

Rochester, MI 

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