Toastmasters and the letter that “outed” me.


Project PowerI’ve set the goal of doing a TED conference — or at least, learning how to speak better in public situations.

To achieve that, I went to a TOASTMASTERS meeting last week.

‘Guests’ were asked to stand and share why they were there.

I said I have a blog and write ‘thank you’ letters and want to spread the word of why I think they’re important.

At the break a handsome man in his early thirties came up to me.

“You wrote a letter to my girlfriend,” he said, a friendly tone in his voice.

A bit shocked, I pressed for more.

“She works at MAJE in Beverly Hills,” he continued.  “You typed it, she showed me.”

“Laura!” I remembered.  I’d written Laura after she had helped me find some sweaters, because I’d appreciated

how she stood back and didn’t push the French clothes on me, but let me decide for myself.

“She really appreciated it,” Lee went on.

I knew she did, because she’d taken the time to write me back — using her home personal address.

We made friends, and suddenly TOASTMASTERS didn’t seem so scary.

A few days later, I walked past the store with Jamie’s college roommate Alison.

I told her the story and I said “Let me see if Laura’s in there,” so we walked in… we told Laura

the story, and the story went full circle… which was cool, because as I told Lee, when I write a

note, I have no expectations and I never know how it will come back to me, if at all… so

if it does, that’s a ripple effect that makes me very happy…

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