Typewriter story in the L.A. Times…a RISD Typewriter (#11) and Ermanno collide.

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I’m in Pebble Beach tonight, so  I didn’t see the LA Times today.  Luckily, my therapist Lynne did — and sent me this story:


Found this online tonite–The RISD Museum is listed on #11!

97 years of typewriters

For many decades, the typewriter was an indispensable tool for writers. It was faster than a pen and paper, more decisive than a pencil, more decipherable than a hasty scrawl. And, apart from its utility, it was a remarkable looking object, sometimes awkward, sometimes beautiful. Here’s a look at typewriters over the years.



I’ve coveted a red typewriter in the Museum at Rhode Island School of Design  – and here it is in the Los Angeles Times!

And I see Ermanno, my mechanic, got a full-screen picture as well.  So my two worlds of RISD and Star Office Machines collided today.  Thank you, Lynne , for making sure I saw the article.  I’ve been in Pebble Beach looking at hard metal machines of another ilk — vintage cars.  As magnificent as these vehicles are,  I must confess If I could have spent 5 days poring over typewriters, I would have been even happier!  Just as car lovers spend countless hours comparing their favorites – I could do the same with office equipment.  Is that bad to admit?

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