Beginning the book.

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IMG_1672I went to my office — the upstairs loft in Louise A. Marler’s art studio — near the Santa Monica Airport today.

It was pouring rain, but I was determined to get there.

After the phone calls, after the e-mails, after all the distractions I could bear — I walked away from my house and into Louise’s sanctuary.

The place was a quiet beehive of activity.  Louise was on the phone making deals.  Our roommate was at his enormous letter press, cranking out greeting cards.  The hum of the machine and the lilt of Louise’s voice calmed me as I climbed the stairs, computer bag in hand, to set up shop.

I put the hundreds of letters I’ve written all around me.  I began to sort them by category.  Tomorrow I’m going to meet with a television producer friend of mine, Gary Grossman, to see what we can to merchandise my typing/thank you talent(s).

Near the typewriter.

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