Cookies of the past.

Tea & cookies TY-Cookies TY-Cookies2

After I took Vivian to a (perhaps inappropriate) movie — the documentary about “Yves St. Laurent” —

we retreated to her house to have tea  and cookies… and cleanse ourselves.


Tea at Vivian’s is always a delight.  She has a collection of interesting tea choices, and always presents

some kind of fun cookie or dessert along with it.  She found “Speculoos” cookies at Trader Joe that

we both got hooked on… and now, there’s this “Elite” cookie wafer I’m also somewhat addicted to,

even though I don’t want to admit it.

The stacked crispy treats remind me of when I was little and we used to go grocery shopping with my Dad.

(My mother didn’t drive so he was relegated to all the weekend marketing errands).


Much to my delight, Vivian picked up on my long-lost desire for these “Elite” cookies, and scored some for me.

Her daughter Darlene gave them to me last night at a belated birthday party in my honor.  I want to let

Vivian know I got them — and predictably, am surprised AND very pleased.


I have them in the freezer now, so I can parse them out on a careful basis, when I need a bit of chocolatey joy.

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