Cufflinks & a leader in the dark.

Mark OlsonIMG_0709I didn’t know Mark Olson until the Camp Kesem Leadership Summit, but he introduced himself warmly and we quickly established that I’m from Palo Alto and he’s from Foster City — a few miles away from where I grew up … and their team used to kick our football team’s behind on a regular basis.

Mark had a gift of cufflinks for Vin, from the Stanford University campus where Camp Kesem first began.

He also knew someone from RISD … so we had a pleasant time exchanging commonalities.

At the end of the evening, he offered to show me back to my hotel — a rainy drive down a dark highway.   He jauntily drove there and pointed me into a place to park — and then zipped away.

It was only then that I realized he wasn’t staying there.. and he must have gone out of his way to show me where to go.  I didn’t get to thank him then,
TY-Mark Olson

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