Dr. RossimagesWhen I went in for my annual visit to see Dr. Ross, my gastroenterologist, she asked how I was… and I could see on the front of her file one of my typed notes.

“Do you have anything for me?: she asked … and I shoved my typed “To Do” list at her.

“”I’m still typing,” I assured.

I told her I was going to give a few lectures to SAG/AFTRA members at s “Mentoring” conference about the ‘Art of Thank You’ and to 400 student leaders at Camp Kesem.

She’s told me in the past that she mentioned me to one of her other doctors.  She’d bragged, “I have one patient who types me notes to make appointments!”

I know she’s a ‘snail mail’ fan.  That she appreciates the art of a letter well-done.

Dr. Ross flipped through my file, adding a note about my change in medication.  She seemed engrossed.  I figured she was going to tell me something important for my nervous stomach, like I needed to cut out coffee or stop eating citrus.

Instead, she looked up and said, “Be sure to tell them how important good paper is.”  She said it makes a difference and makes a better impression if you use thick stationery.

I wrote her a general “Thanks for being You” letter this morning.  It wasn’t on super-thick paper, but I think she’ll still appreciate it.

And who knows?  The next time I see her, I may spot it tucked carefully in my file!

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  1. Jamie G
    November 11, 2014 at 9:41 am

    HAHHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAH oh girl…oh girl. you kill me

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