Handwriting on the wall.

imagesHandwritingsearchWe helped organize a dinner for the “Gull Wing Mercedes Group” last night at The Jonathan Club downtown.

About 50 of us, and Vin got a traveling violinist, who strolled the room bare-legged and beautiful, sawing away at her violin.

We had carolers, covered head to toe in formal green & red gowns & tuxedoes of another era.

And he brought in a lady who read handwriting.  A graphologist.  Vin and I waited until everyone else had seen her.  She said I should

write a book about ‘thank you’s’ and that June of next year will be my time.

I promised I’d write her a “TY” and did so tonight.

I’m also sending a copy of it to her boss, so he knows what a delightful addition to the party she was.

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