Justin, age 9, wanted video games for his birthday.  I went to TOYS R US to find them, but got so mystified by the choices — and by the various ways they could be played — I gave up and opted for a simple gift card.

To make it a little more exciting, I put the GIFT CARD in a wallet.

Then I found a sandwich container with MINIONS on the front.  I put the GIFT CARD in the WALLET.  I put the WALLET in the SANDWICH CONTAINER.  And then I wrapped it all up.

It was way more exciting that way.  Justin liked it too, and I found out later he asked his Daddy to take him shopping minutes after I gave him the gift.

Today I got this beautifully hand-written letter from him.  Since they’re not teaching handwriting in the schools anymore, this is even more of a treasure.

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