High school ‘hi’s’.

After our high school reunion ten years ago (1993), I sent a “Thank you” to my friend Bill, our class organizer.  He’d worked tirelessly to pull the weekend together and  he mentioned wishing he could have a massage when it was all done.  I researched the local spa and sent a gift certificate for a massage to Bill.  He deserved an hour of relaxation. He was delighted and as the memories of that weekend faded, I forgot all about it.  Until last Saturday night.  Our high school reunion,a decade later.  Bill asked us — Palo Alto High, class of 1973, to come up with a special moment of kindness when one of us had made an impact on each other’s lives.  I told a story about my friend Gregory, who rescued me on Prom night at Jordan Junior High, when nobody had asked me to dance… how I had fallen apart in the girls’ gym until someone told Greg, and he kindly ushered me out to the picnic benches outside.  He waited until I’d cried myself dry, then checked on me the next day.  When it was Bill’s turn, he took the mic and his moment spanned more than junior high memories.  He thanked several folks, and then he said, “And I want to thank Erica Gerard, who sent me a gift certificate for a massage after the 3oth”.  I blushed, surprised that my small act had made such an impression… but then I thought about it and realized that probably no one else had done that — taken the time to  thank Bill for his yeoman efforts, but send a small token of gratitude.  A massage that lasted ten years — now that was a present.  Bill, if you’re reading this, thank you for reminding me that  not all good deeds go unpunished.

Gregory, Suzanne, Bill S., and Erica (2008)266383_289170644520127_608182196_o-1

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