Rhode Island clams and a special moment.

“Connie and Ted’s” — Eytan’s favorite place, a seafood restaurant open only 3 months on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.  Reservations required.  One month in advance.  Eytan’s got pull, though.  He worked it out and we met he and his wife Morlene there, a few minutes late.  We sat outside, next to a more elderly group, who also seemed to be enjoying Quahogs and Matunuck oysters, specialties of Rhode Island, where “Connie and Ted” were raised.  As our neighbors got up to leave, a lady stopped to speak to Eytan.

“Thank you very much,” she said.  “You were so kind to my mother, when we were waiting.”

Eytan smiled.  “It was our pleasure.”   Sotte voce, he said, “Morlene’s idea. She made room on the bench.”

“No,” the lady insisted.  “You moved over so my elderly mother could sit and our whole family could be together.  That meant a lot.  Thank you.”

She looked 70+ herself  — how old was Mother?.

“You’re welcome,” Eytan said as she maneuvered slowly past our table.

“I like your pocket square,” she told Vin as she cruised away.

He thanked her back.  photo (10)

“And that,” I rushed to underline, “Is why two words make a difference.  You’ll remember that lady next time you give up your seat.”

“It was Morlene’s idea,” Eytan corrected.

“Even so,” I said.  “Thank you’s are important.  Our basic human need is to be appreciated.”

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