IMG_0394As a person with a narrow foot, it gets frustrating to shop for shoes.

I was at Neiman-Marcus the other afternoon, waiting for Vin, and decided to dawdle around the Ladies’ Shoe Salon.

Since I have been cursed with a narrow foot, I generally never can find anything that fits…but it’s nice to torture myself.

A saleslady came up to me, asking if I needed help.

“No, I’m here to frustrate myself,” I retorted.  She sized me up — and said right away, “You DO have a narrow foot.  It’s an 8 l/2, not 9, not 8, double A, isn’t it?”

I was stunned.  She was 100% accurate.

“We don’t have much that will fit you,” she acknowledged.

“I know.”  I don’t even fight anymore.   I’ve gotten used to the void.

“We have a few,” she said, after I pointed to a blue & black color-blocked T-strap with a gold toe.

“That might fit,” she agreed, and armed with one small ray of hope, I went to sit & wait.

By the time Vin got down to the main floor, I had several options LIsa had found me… and I emerged with a smile on my face.

(Ironically, the mink-colored shoe I’m showing here — didn’t fit.)

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