Mr. TincatiVin loves clothes.  He’s got pictures of them in books to keep himself organized of what pocket square goes with what tie goes with what jacket.

When he gets to New York, he has one master designer — Mr. Antonio Tincati — whose bright, vibrant clothes he especially appreciates.  Maybe it’s an Italian thing.  Some of Tincati’s jackets are NOT conservativMr, Tincati e or for the meek.

When we went to the boutique, Mr. Tincati gifted me with a ladybug lapel pin — that he’d designed for men, actually…but that I admired because it went perfectly with the red, black & white suit I was wearing.

He graciously allowed me to put it on, and there it stayed.  Ladybugs are good luck and I’ve always loved them.  I hope this one brings me luck… and I wanted to thank Mr. Tincati for the pleasure of getting to know him & the joy of watching him play with his beloved fabrics.

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